Tuscan Tortellini with Sausage and Spinach

Italian, Mediterranean, Pasta

This one-skillet Tuscan Tortellini Recipe is exactly what you’ve been looking for on those busy weeknights. Ready in less then an hour, it’s not only quick and easy but also features a savory, flavorful, robust sauce for one of the best tortellini recipes.  It is packed with flavor, easy to make, and perfect for those nights when you want something hearty and satisfying but without a lot of fuss. […]

Golden Toad Cajun Sticky Chicken Recipe

Cajun, Main

During my years of living in Southwest Louisiana I was introduced to the amazing cuisine of the Cajun culture.  During the 18th century Cajun-Acadians were deported from Acadia to Louisiana, the Cajuns took influences of West Africa, French, and Spanish cooking techniques and created what we know as Cajun cooking.  Cajun cuisine was based on locally available ingredients and the preparation […]

Brisket…Is it the Holy Grail of BBQ, and why is it so intimidating?!?!


By Gary Robinson, Cooking Out Loud  A perfectly cooked brisket, it is revered by many as the holy grail of BBQ. People are both fascinated and intimidated by this cut of meat. But why? Let’s take a deeper dive into this meat, what is brisket and why are people afraid of it? Brisket, an Overview Brisket is one of the […]

Feisty Fiesta Rice

Mexican, Side

Making homemade Spanish, or  Mexican Rice,  is super easy and the taste, texture, and ingredients far exceed anything you’ll find in a box. Spanish rice and Mexican rice are basically used interchangeably here in the states. Both restaurants and home cooks have put their unique twists on this recipe, and you’ll find there are a few ingredients and cooking tips […]

Smoking at High Altitude, It Can Be a Challenge


By Gary Robinson, Cooking Out Loud Ok…so maybe the picture above is an exageration, we really did not smoke dinner on the top of Everest…but if we did, it would be a challenge, on multiple levels.  But cooking of all types at higher altitude is a challenge, especially smoking meat, because it is a lower and slower process.   According to […]

Feisty Shrimp Spaghetti 

Mediterranean, Seafood

This Shrimp Linguine with Zucchini, Chili Peppers,  and Tomatoes is the ultimate summer pasta! Pretty enough for a special occasion, easy enough for weeknight dinner.  You guys, this is my absolute favorite pasta to make during the summer. I’ve been making it since I was a teenager. It is so easy. So flavorful and absolutely perfect for a summer dinner out on […]

7 Stand-Out Kitchen Hacks to Level Up Your Winter Cooking Game


We hate to break it to you, but summer is well and truly over—cue the ugly crying GIF. But in good news, the season for snuggling by the fire—hot chocolate in hand—is upon us and frankly, we couldn’t be more ready.  Along with mulled wine and marshmallow-like outerwear, winter brings with it some of the most mouth-watering eats imaginable. And […]

Cioppino-A Winter Seafood Stew


Seafood can be a great comfort food in the winter, especially around the holidays.  If you are looking for an elegant dish that can also warm your insides, Cioppino can be a winter treat to impress your family and guests.  Cioppino is a comforting San Franciscan seafood stew (or sometimes called Fisherman’s Stew) filled with shrimp, clams, mussels, white fish, and […]

Feisty Lime Street Tacos-A Journey Into Game Day Awesomeness

Appetizer, Game Day, Mexican

Feisty Lime Street Tacos-A Journey into Game Day Awesomeness.   By gary robinson, Cooking Out Loud Ever since the street taco was invented, I have been in love with them.  As a kid, tacos were always big and burritos are even bigger.  As I grew older, eating multiple tacos, well, it raised eyebrows, causing guilty trauma, and shame.  Ok, maybe that […]

Dueling Wings

American, Appetizer, Asian, Mexican

Recently I was a guest on a regional show: Colorado Sports Connection for a pregame show before a Broncos Game. I was ordered to come up with a game day munchy, so IT WAS ON.   I love to smoke wings, so instead of using just my favorite rubs, Willow Seasonings, I took their seasonings, rubs and sauces and fused them […]