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Dueling Wings

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Recently I was a guest on a regional show: Colorado Sports Connection for a pregame show before a Broncos Game. I was ordered to come up with a game day munchy, so IT WAS ON.   I love to smoke wings, so instead of using just my favorite rubs, Willow Seasonings, […]

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The “Soup Nazi’s” Seafood Bisque

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The Original Soupman Soup Kitchen in New York City was featured in one of the Seinfield TV episodes “The Soup Nazi” (season 7, episode 6). In that episode, one of the coveted soups was seafood bisque. This recipe my explain why his seafood bisque was in such demand.   In the […]

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Willow Seasoning’s “Sweet Smoke” Mac and Cheese

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Why is this smoked mac and cheese recipe so amazing? DECADENT. Indulgent. Creamy. Perfect.  The use of Willow Seasonings Sweet Smoke seasoning is the key to this one.  The extra flavor that it adds really makes this a unique and flavorful dish.  Fast smoke time – After whipping up the ingredients, […]

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What’s For Breakfast? Oyster & Egg Skillet!

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Its National Oyster Day!!! The Five Facts you should know about Oysters: The average 3 inch oyster filters about 50 gallons of water a day. Americans eat more oysters than any other country in the world. Most oysters varieties in North America are actually native to Eastern Europe or Asia. Brought here by […]

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Herb Basted Pork Chops

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Hot pan drippings and melted butter tease the essential oils out of rosemary, thyme, and sage, creating rich juices for basting pork chops during the final minutes of cooking. Thai chiles add heat to the dish; to dial back the spiciness, cut a slit in the chiles instead of halving […]

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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

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Wow, it is hard to believe that a year has already passed and this holiday season is once again upon us.  Yes, this Wednesday is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!! The parades, the pageantry, and celebrations.  So, lets make a hot dog a little less boring, and do some simple math.  […]