Hi, I am David Slade, a US Navy Veteran with a passion for BBQ and great flavors.  I founded Willow Seasonings and Blends with a passion for flavor!  Our  seasonings and sauces are blended at elevation, in Colorado.  We do things a little different and a whole lot better at 5,280 feet!  From the beginning, I have strived to find the perfect balance of the ingredients that make up Willow Seasoning’s rubs and sauces.  Either on the BBQ or in the kitchen, I do not want any single ingredient to dominate the party… they all should be working and dancing in unison to achieve a flavor experience that your palate will never forget! Our products are made with all natural ingredients, we do not use artificial preservatives or anti-caking ingredients in our product.  Willow Seasonings believes in giving you the best product possible and will NEVER sacrifice quality in order to save money!