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Italian, Pasta

Tomato-Basil Cream Sauce Over POC, (Pasta of Choice)

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It’s been pretty cold and snowy here, which always makes a good comfort food sound great.  But sometimes you do not have the time, especially on a weeknight for a slow cooked stew or, or the prep time.  This easy tomato cream sauce  takes less than 10 minutes to prepare […]

Italian, Main, Pasta

Veal Piccata

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Veal Piccata is something that you would normally order from an upscale Italian or Mediterranean restaurant.  The great thing about this dish though is that is it actually quick and easy to make at home with relatively little effort.  Like all of the recipes I like to share, do not […]

Main, Mediterranean, Pasta

Spicy Tonnarelli with Clams

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If you are looking for an elegant pasta dish, that is not overly filling, and also does not take hours to prepare, try this one.  This spicy pasta studded with fresh clams is a tantalizing dish that’s also quick and easy to prepare. Pin Print Spicy Tonnarelli with Clams Cuisine: […]