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Golden Toad Cajun Sticky Chicken Recipe

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During my years of living in Southwest Louisiana I was introduced to the amazing cuisine of the Cajun culture.  During the 18th century Cajun-Acadians were deported from Acadia to Louisiana, the Cajuns took influences of West Africa, French, and Spanish cooking techniques and created what we know as Cajun cooking.  Cajun […]

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Grilled Salmon Bruschetta with Avocado

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Grilling salmon is so easy to make with this foolproof method, you’ll be grilling it outdoors all year long! Topped with this fresh avocado and tomato “bruschetta”, this dish just screams summer! Adding avocado to bruschetta is awesome for flavor, but also adds a healthy fat to the dish.  Reasons […]

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Feisty Buffalo Tacos

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It is National Taco Day!!!  Celebrate with something different:  “Feisty Buffalo Tacos”.  Try these flavorful tacos made with Wild Buffalo Sirloin or Strip Steak, a marinade which highlights Willow Seasonings’  Feisty Lime Seasoning,  and delicious toppings! This recipe is super easy to whip together and a great way to turn […]

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Taking Tri-Tip to Higher Ground

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Tri-Tip could be one of the most under-rated cuts of beef.  When cooked properly and seasoned well, it rivals any other cut of beef with its unique marbling and texture.  But do not try to save money going with a cheap product.  Go with Grass Fed or if you can […]

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken

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Creamy Tuscan chicken is a quick and easy 30 minute chicken dinner recipe that is delicious, flavorful, and comforting. Juicy and tender is seared then smothered in a creamy, garlicky, and buttery sauce packed with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. This Italian favorite is fancy enough for Date Night or Sunday Dinner, but easy […]

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Warm Fish Tacos

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I know traditionally, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday…but I am not sure there is a day that Tacos do not sound good, and here is a fun way do put a twist on a taco.  While Tilapia or Sole sometimes is a preference, I prefer cod. To get a true sear […]

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Chicken Margherita

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Chicken Margherita is an easy and delicious meal bursting with cherry tomatoes, gooey mozzarella cheese, and garlicky pesto. From start to finish, this is a true one-pan meal that’s packed with flavor. It is based on one of my favorite styles of pizza, which I occasionally put chicken on to […]

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Traditional Australian Lamb Shoulder Roast

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As Danny, a friend of mine who recently moved to Colorado from Australia will attest to, it’s no secret that Australians and New Zealanders love lamb. They eat it by the rack, in a stew, and as biryani (an Indian lamb and rice dish). But perhaps one of their favorite ways to […]

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Chicken Saltimbocca

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I have always loved cooking Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, and this is one of my all time favorites.  Probably because it looks like you spent way more time on it then you actually did.  Chicken saltimbocca is a restaurant style dish that is actually quite easy to make at home, […]

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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

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Wow, it is hard to believe that a year has already passed and this holiday season is once again upon us.  Yes, this Wednesday is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!! The parades, the pageantry, and celebrations.  So, lets make a hot dog a little less boring, and do some simple math.  […]