BBQ – What’s Your Style?


by David Slade, Willow Seasonings and  Blends What is barbecue? Barbecue is the process of using fire and smoke to cook food,predominantly meat. Barbecue is believed to have originated with Indigenous Americans and the Caribbean indigenous people known as the Taino. The Taino referred to this style of cooking as barbacoa. As the Spanish traveled to America from the Caribbean they […]

The “Soup Nazi’s” Seafood Bisque

American, Soup

The Original Soupman Soup Kitchen in New York City was featured in one of the Seinfield TV episodes “The Soup Nazi” (season 7, episode 6). In that episode, one of the coveted soups was seafood bisque. This recipe my explain why his seafood bisque was in such demand.   In the hierarchy of seafood-based soups, bisque reigns supreme. Thick and hearty […]

Smoked Peach Cobbler


Nothing quite compares to a tasty dessert cooked on the smoker, and this smoked peach cobbler is always a fan and family favorite. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and pairs perfectly with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Smoked Peach Cobbler Peach cobbler is one of those recipes that sticks with you. It’s a great recipe for just […]

Grilled Salmon Bruschetta with Avocado

Appetizer, Main, Seafood

Grilling salmon is so easy to make with this foolproof method, you’ll be grilling it outdoors all year long! Topped with this fresh avocado and tomato “bruschetta”, this dish just screams summer! Adding avocado to bruschetta is awesome for flavor, but also adds a healthy fat to the dish.  Reasons love this salmon bruschetta recipe: Fresh and flavorful. Loaded with […]

Feisty Buffalo Tacos

Main, Mexican

It is National Taco Day!!!  Celebrate with something different:  “Feisty Buffalo Tacos”.  Try these flavorful tacos made with Wild Buffalo Sirloin or Strip Steak, a marinade which highlights Willow Seasonings’  Feisty Lime Seasoning,  and delicious toppings! This recipe is super easy to whip together and a great way to turn your buffalo, or other game meat, into a family favorite. […]

Taking Tri-Tip to Higher Ground

BBQ, Beef, Main

Tri-Tip could be one of the most under-rated cuts of beef.  When cooked properly and seasoned well, it rivals any other cut of beef with its unique marbling and texture.  But do not try to save money going with a cheap product.  Go with Grass Fed or if you can find it, Wagyu will take it to the next level. […]

Healthy Cooking Tips for Eating Well


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland. There are lots of ways to add flavor and creativity to meals while still focusing on nutritious ingredients. Follow these simple tips for bringing more wholesome foods to your kitchen: Go for Fresh Herbs and Spices Skip the salt and butter and flavor your meals with fresh or dried herbs and […]

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Chicken, Italian, Main, Paleo

Creamy Tuscan chicken is a quick and easy 30 minute chicken dinner recipe that is delicious, flavorful, and comforting. Juicy and tender is seared then smothered in a creamy, garlicky, and buttery sauce packed with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. This Italian favorite is fancy enough for Date Night or Sunday Dinner, but easy enough to serve on busy weeknights.  If you want to […]

Willow Seasoning’s “Sweet Smoke” Mac and Cheese

American, BBQ

Why is this smoked mac and cheese recipe so amazing? DECADENT. Indulgent. Creamy. Perfect.  The use of Willow Seasonings Sweet Smoke seasoning is the key to this one.  The extra flavor that it adds really makes this a unique and flavorful dish.  Fast smoke time – After whipping up the ingredients, it takes just around 2 hours to smoke, depending on […]

Ground Turkey vs Ground Beef


Switching To Ground Turkey Is A Good Way To Eat Healthier But There Are Things To Consider When preparing healthier meals for you and your family, using ground turkey instead of ground beef is a simple way to lower saturated fat, calories, and also avoid the many health risks associated with red meat. But should you cut ground beef out […]